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24/7 Emergency Service

  • High-Speed Doors

  • Underground Parking

  • Commercial Doors

  • Gates

  • Gate Arms

  • Air Curtains

  • HVLS Fans

  • Dock Seals

  • Dock leveller

We understand the urgency when doors and operators malfunction. Our goal is to keep your business operational by offering 24/7 emergency repair service. Our skilled trade technicians are trained to handle any repair with efficient and professional service. We will properly diagnose the issue and offer the best solutions for repair. In addition, you will receive a full report with any upgrade recommendations to ensure that your property continues to operate safely and efficiently. 

Preventative Maintenance Program

It’s important to ensure that you make the inspection of your commercial overhead doors a high priority to avoid any large, unexpected repair bills. Things always seem to go wrong on the busiest business day, and this is typically due to overlooked preventive maintenance. When equipment is down there is a loss in productivity which sets businesses behind schedule. By offering clients this service we work together with you to ensure that we minimize lost productivity and down time. Our certified technicians will help you to avoid any emergency repairs by implementing a preventative maintenance program to suit your facility needs. 

When your company has invested in new doors for your facility its important to ensure its longevity. When scheduled equipment maintenance is not performed you run the risk of product warranties becoming null and void. At EDS-Door Corp we want to ensure your investments are protected. 

The benefits of a preventive maintenance program are reducing operational down time. As the old saying goes “time is money”, by enrolling in a maintenance program you can avoid unexpected large repair costs. Getting ahead of repairs before waiting for items to break avoids future operational down time. Our technicians offer quality service and insight into potential issues. You will also save because you will be reducing costs for emergency calls and after hour rates. Property safety is as much as a priority for us as it is for your business. We want to ensure our clients peace of mind by ensuring your products are being serviced and maintained on a regular basis. Our knowledgeable staff are certified to perform all scheduled maintenance services and ensure proper safety guidelines are followed for a safe working environment. 

Providing excellent workmanship is a high priority and we only employ skilled technicians who can complete maintenance inspection and repairs the right way the first time. Our technicians are qualified to install equipment and are knowledgeable in working safely in accordance with the Health & Safety guidelines. 

Contact us today to discuss how we at EDS-Door Corp can make your life easier with a customized preventative maintenance program.


Energy costs are increasing, and rebate programs are a huge benefit for businesses especially when it comes to operational costs. In Ontario, you can save your business money with Ontario energy rebate programs by using equipment that will assist in saving energy. It's best to purchase equipment that will give you the best return on your investment. By implementing energy-saving equipment you will improve your operational effectiveness and save your business money.

How to Qualify?

The Government of Ontario offers tax credits, rebates, and credits for businesses to reduce their energy costs. Starting January 1, 2021, large and mid-size commercial consumers are automatically benefiting from lower electricity bills. They are lowering Global Adjustments charges by paying for a portion of renewable energy contract costs.

The Energy Performance Program is designed for clients who can make operational changes that support capital investment projects and supporting them to increase their cost of savings over several years.  

Those who participate must be operators of industrial, institutional, or commercial facilities located in Ontario. If you reside outside of Ontario some programs pertain to each Province. There is a commitment period of three years to see a minimum of five percent energy savings per facility within the first two years. There must also be consumption of 1,500,000 kWh per facility or a group of five buildings grouped into a single facility standard energy model. Each facility should have 12 months of hourly interval meter data. 

If at any time you require any assistance EDS-Door Corp is happy to go the extra mile for our clients and can speak to applicable agencies on your behalf to get you the rebates you deserve. Keep in mind all applications must be approved by December 31, 2024.

Contact our office at 905-238-5000 we would be happy to assist you through this process.

Energy Rebate Programs

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Energy Rebates
Preventative Maintenance Program
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