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Concrete Facade


Poweramp has been manufacturing loading dock levelers in the USA since 1961. These premium levelers have been known as the strongest and most durable dock levelers in the industry, providing a smooth and efficient loading process. Poweramp dock levelers can be activated automatically or mechanically and are available as pit-style, edge-of-dock or vertical storing. Each leveler type comes in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet any loading dock requirements.


Vehicle Restraints

Increase safety at the loading dock. Many forklift accidents occur every year that are caused by a truck prematurely departing from the dock or creeping away due to loading and unloading momentum. Installing a vehicle Restraint from Poweramp can help prevent these accidents by securing a trailer to the dock and providing better communication between the truck driver and dock attendant.

Dock shelters
dock shelters.PNG

Dock Shelters

Every aspect of the design, engineering and manufacturing of Loading Dock Company's full range of dock shelters focuses on one task - sheltering and protecting personnel. products and the loading dock. 

From pressure treated framing and galvanized trim from durability, to stiffeners and resilient, weather-proof materials that ensure a protective seal, the LDC series of dock shelters work like an extension of loading dock.

Intelligent design channels away snow and rain while letting in natural light through translucent polyethylene sheeting  - all while allowing full access to a variety of trailer openings.

Dock Seal

The best loading dock seals are the result of a combination of factors:

Versatile Designs - That fit every dock door size, every building configuration and every operational specification. LDC dock seals are customized to suit your specific needs.

Tenacious Materials - Tear resistant, weather resistant, puncture resistant, abrasion resistant. It's tough job and LDC uses only top-grade materials to get it done - and look good too.

Reliable Performance - From trouble-free installation, to remarkable dependability and durability, LDC dock seals bounce back every time, always ready for the next shipment.

dock seal.PNG
Dock Seal
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